Feeling restless while sheltering in place? Consult your doctor about how to safely resume or add exercise into your daily routine. The Pulmonary Hypertension Association (PHA) recently released five new videos designed for people with pulmonary hypertension (PH) to improve their understanding of major types of exercise, such as yoga and cardio, strength and pulmonary training.

The PHA Classroom Exercise Series includes worksheets that accompany each video. The worksheets include sample exercise routines and questions for PH-treating physicians. Each video includes sample exercises, many of which can be modified based on the health and stamina of the patient. The series emphasizes that people should consult their health care providers about whether they can safely start an exercise program and which exercises are appropriate.

PHA worked with members of its Scientific Leadership Council (SLC) and PH Clinicians and Researchers (PHCR) network to develop the series. The groups offered input on questions and safety messages.

Check out the videos in PH Classroom or use the links below:

  • Introduction to Exercise: Video/PDF
  • Introduction to Pulmonary Rehabilitation: Video/PDF
  • Introduction to Yoga: Video/PDF
  • Introduction to Strength Training: Video/PDF
  • Introduction to Cardio: Video/PDF