In celebration of World PH Day 2020 in May, the Pulmonary Hypertension Association (PHA) asked the global pulmonary hypertension (PH) community to participate in PHA’s #FlauntYourMask campaign. The campaign urges people to wear face coverings to “save our lungs.” The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) encourages the use of cloth face coverings (for people who can safely wear them) in public settings where social distancing is difficult to maintain.

Several people posted pictures on social medial of themselves and their families wearing hand-sewn masks, including a woman who wears and makes zebra-printed masks to raise PH awareness.

See how other members of the PH community, including global health and PH organizations, have been flaunting their masks:

Emina Hadzihasanovic

A woman from Bosnia and Herzegovina shared a picture of herself on Facebook flaunting her mask for World PH Day on May 5.

Pulmoner Hipertansiyon ve Skleroderma Hasta Derneği

PAHSSc, a Turkish PH and scleroderma association, used Instagram to encourage its members to wear masks and protect their lungs. It also listed the different types of PH.

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Masken Yüzünde olsun. Akciğerlerini koru. Nefese paha biçilmez! Pulmoner Hipertansiyon Günümüz Kutlu Olsun Dünya Sağlık Örgütü (DSÖ) PH'nu 5 grup altında toplamıştır. 1- Pulmoner Arteriyel Hipertansiyon (PAH) 2- Sol Kalp Hastalığına Bağlı PH 3- Akciğer Hastalıkları ve/veya Hipoksiye Bağlı PH 4- Pulmoner Arter Obstrüksiyonuna Bağlı PH 5- Mekanizması Belirsiz PH #Nefesepahabiçilmez #Nefes #PulmonerHipertansiyon #PulmonerArteriyelHipertansiyon #Covid19 #Coronavirus #maskelikahramanlar #Koronavirüs #WorldPHDay2020 #evdekal #sağlık #AkciğerYüksekTansiyonu #Skleroderma #SistemikSkleroz #EisenmengerSendromu #idiyopatikPulmonerFibrozis #KTEPH #AkciğerNakli #KalpAkciğerNakli #raynaud #OrganNakli #OrganBağışı #Görünmezhastalık #NadirHastalık #PulmonaryHypertension #GörünmezEngellilik #WorldPHDay #DünyaPulmonerHipertansiyonGünü #ktephaklımda @nadirhastaliklaragi @eurordis @europeanrespiratorysociety @europeansocietyofcardiology @atscommunity @american_heart @nord_rare @fesca_scleroderma @saglikbakanligi @ailevecalisma @ahef2008 @phassociation @phaware @engellicocukhaklariagi @turkiyeengellimeclisi @halksagligigm @emineerdogan @tbmmresmi @tcbestepe @tusevtr

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Jo Dunbar

PH community member Jo Dunbar thanked those who wear face coverings by sharing a selfie on World PH Day.


This French PH association tweeted a picture of its community sewing masks.

A Todo Pulmón

ATP, a PH association from Venezuela, thanked a doctor for his dedication and support by sharing a video of the doctor wearing a mask for World PH Day.

If your PH causes difficulty breathing, please speak with your care team before wearing a face covering. Find links to CDC’s guidance on PHA’s COVID-19 FAQ.