The Pulmonary Hypertension Association (PHA) joins Donate Life America this month to spread awareness of Donate Life Month. The campaign encourages people to register to become organ donors and honor those whose donations have saved lives.

For the pulmonary hypertension (PH) community, lung transplants can change the course of a patient’s treatment plan. PHA encourages those whose lives have been changed by an organ donation to share their stories and educate others on this life-saving topic.

Throughout April, PHA will use social media to spread awareness of the importance of organ donation to the PH community. We’re continuing to spread awareness by sharing the stories of those whose lives of been changed by an organ transplant, or who are awaiting a lifesaving transplant.

We welcome you to share your transplant story, too. Submit your story to PHA’s Right Heart Blog and share the importance of donating life.

For inspiration, read stories of other PH community members:

Pulmonary hypertension changed Jessica Calkins life. She says living with PH has made her a better person, and she doesn’t take things for granted. Read Jessica’s PH journey and how she appreciates each day while awaiting double lung and heart transplants.

Sarah Donoughue was terrified when her care team suggested a lung transplant in 2018. Three years later, the 17-year-old Texan says she is living, loving and thriving at life. Read Sarah’s story.

After traveling around the United States to seek care, Michelle Dukes received the lung transplant she needed at the University of Pennsylvania. Through all the obstacles that Michelle faced, she believes that receiving her transplant was “the best decision she has ever made.” Read her story.

Though her doctor recommended a lung transplant, Barbra Holden was denied by multiple transplant centers due to her scleroderma and esophageal dysmotility. However, she did not give up hope. Eight months after she was seen by Massachusetts General Hospital, she was approved for transplantation and is now thriving. Read Barbra’s story.

Tina Prolux is amazed by what she can accomplish now that she has received a double lung transplant. She credits it all to her hero, “the kind and unselfish person [who] decided to become an organ donor.” Read Tina’s story.

Once known as the “Miracle Baby of Colorado,” Jessica Romero, 36, overcame the challenges that come with being diagnosed with pulmonary hypertension since infancy. Jessica now regularly exercises to prepare for the day she receives a double-lung transplant. Read more.

Lauri Stanfield was given a second chance of life when she received a bilateral lung transplant five months after her pulmonary hypertension diagnosis. Now she’s on a mission to educate the public on how organ donation can save lives. Read Lauri’s story.