Adriana Mares was inspired to contribute to the Pulmonary Hypertension Association (PHA) when she saw that the organization was participating in #GivingTuesdayNow.

“I’m aware how much PHA has helped our support group,” said Adriana, a student at the University of Texas-El Paso. “When I see how much PHA does for us, I’m reminded how we need to give back as well. And not only us – PHA has support groups all over the country. I want to help those people – no matter the amount, I know the money will go a long way.”

Adriana, has been involved in PHA since she began working with her mentor, Dr. Hernando Garcia, at the pulmonary hypertension (PH) clinic at Texas Tech University in El Paso. She started attending support group meetings with Dr. Garcia and began helping the group schedule its meetings and find guest speakers. In December 2019, Adriana became a co-leader of the PHA El Paso PHighters Support Group.

“I knew many patients from the clinic already,” Adriana shared. “But I loved getting to know patients outside of clinic. I wanted to do more and help in any way I could.”

Adriana is just one of the many who contributed to PHA May 5, when it raised more than $48,000 on Giving Tuesday Now. The event, a worldwide response to the COVID-19 pandemic, coincidentally fell on World PH Day.

“PHA is always there for us,” Adriana said. “I want to give back in any way that I can.”

If you are inspired to give back like Adriana, donate to PHA today.

Adriana Mares (far right) with the PHA El Paso PHighters Support Group.