PHA Engagement Services

Engage and involve patients, caregivers, and providers in the PH community. PHA offers:

  • Targeted audiences
    PHA’s Community Database contains thousands of patient, caregiver and provider records used weekly to share news and information with the PH community. The data is self-reported by PHA community members as they join PHA initiatives. In addition, thousands more visit PHA’s website and social media channels to find resources on PH.
  • Comprehensive data
    The PHA Registry (PHAR) is the largest active patient registry containing over 2,000 PAH and CTEPH patients who receive care at more than 80 accredited centers in the United States. The PHA Registry contains diagnostic and therapeutic data updated at frequent intervals by a health care provider.
  • Flexible collection methods
    PHA patient engagement services provide industry and academic researchers with the ability to collect market and community data from PH patients, caregivers and providers via focus groups, interview panels, quantitative studies or advisory board participation.
  • Collaborative approach
    Partners involved in drug research and development may request clinical study design collaboration and participation with PHA’s accredited PH center network (PHCC Inc.) as well as clinical trial subject recruitment.

Download a copy of PHA Engagement Services (pdf).

PHA offers three distinct ways to engage with the community to accommodate every budget and project goal:


Reach the PH community with your message by advertising on any of PHA’s media platforms (e-newsletters, magazine, journal, website).

Download a copy of our Advertising Media Kit (pdf).

For more information about PHA Advertising, contact Kevin Heyen, PHA vice president of development.

Targeted Communications

Provide PHA with your project’s inclusion criteria and let us find the targets in our CDb. PHA will assist you in drafting an email blast to the target list with your call to action and corresponding placement on PHA’s “Partner Opportunities” webpage (promoted through our social media channels). May be used to engage patients, caregivers or providers, including center directors for clinical study collaboration.

Download a copy of our Request for Targeted Communications (pdf).

To request more service information and pricing, contact Elizabeth Joseloff.

Clinical Study Eligibility Service

For more precise and accurate targeting, PHA will query the PHA Registry (PHAR) containing over 2,000 PAH and CTEPH patients with diagnostic and therapeutic data cared for at one of PHA’s accredited centers. After locating the eligible subjects, PHA will facilitate communication with their corresponding centers for eligibility confirmation and study recruitment.

To learn more information about PHAR Services and for pricing, contact Elizabeth Joseloff.

Personalized to Your Company

PHA will work with you to find the right solution for your goals and target audience. PHA also offers separate sponsorships and exhibitor and advertising opportunities for our events, including PHA’s Conference, PHPN Symposium, O2breathe walks and PHA Connects: PH Community Workshops. For more information, contact Kevin Heyen.

Advertising Targeted Communications Clinical Study Eligibility Services
Reach1 Very high Medium to high (depending on partner’s criteria) Limited to PAH and CTEPH patients in PHAR
Specificity2 Limited Medium to high (depending on partner’s criteria) Very high

1 Reach refers to the number of individuals receiving the message or being targeted.

2 Specificity refers to the likelihood of the target being eligible to take part in the engagement. In any and all cases, PHA does not guarantee results of any type of engagement.