Industry Partners

PHA Corporate Committee

Through this Committee, industry professionals work together toward solutions to a wide variety of issues, including raising public visibility of PH and supporting the education needs of the patient and medical community.

PHA Engagement Services

Working with patients, caregivers and providers, the Pulmonary Hypertension Association acts as a trusted liaison between the pulmonary hypertension community and industry and academic partners who support PHA’s mission by furthering the science and knowledge of the disease.

PHA’s sponsored Engagement Services offer distinct ways to engage and involve patients, caregivers and providers in every aspect of the patient experience. Through a suite of advertising options, targeted communications and clinical study eligibility services, PHA aims to:

  • Provide leadership to partners to offer targeted, vetted opportunities for the PH community to participate in the treatment and cure of their disease.
  • Provide means for industry or academic researchers to gather information about patients’ experience with PH, including the impact (physical and psychosocial) of PH or a related therapy or clinical investigation, and patient preferences with respect to treatment of PH, in line with FDA’s June 2020 guidance on Patient Focused Drug Development.
  • Further PHA’s mission to foster research and development of PH therapies to improve and extend the lives of those affected by PH, by matching partners with willing participants in this process.