PHA’s Advocacy Action Center provides the tools you need to educate your elected officials about pulmonary hypertension. Check back throughout the year to make your voice heard on legislation and regulation that impacts the PH community.


From May 18 through June 15 the Pulmonary Hypertension Association (PHA) wants to bring 250+ PH voices to Capitol Hill. Choose how you want to tell Congress your PH story and help make Together Through Advocacy PHA’s biggest ever (virtual) advocacy event.

  • Email or call now using PHA’s talking points. PHA’s advocacy tool provides contact information for your members of Congress based on your zip code. The tool allows you to easily email or call at any time using PHA’s template message. Take action now.
  • Schedule a virtual “visit” with legislative staff. No matter what your advocacy experience, PHA can prepare you for a planned phone call or video visit with legislative staff. Virtual visits let you share more of your story and build a lasting relationship with your members of Congress. PHA provides materials and coaching to make your virtual visit a success. Request help with a virtual visit.
  • Spread the word!  Let your friends and family know that you have taken action. Ask them to contact their members of Congress on behalf of the PH community.
  • Watch this webinar below for tips on how you can connect with your member of Congress from home.

“For me, it was important to remember that our Members of Congress are people just like us.  When you meet with them, all you have to do is speak clearly and honestly and be prepared with PHA information. Also, having other PHers with you makes it all so much easier.”

Diane Ramirez, PHA Advocate

“I am so happy that I had the opportunity to share about my sister’s situation. I want to do it again.”

Jane Armstead, PHA Advocate

“Being active in advocacy gives me another way to fight PH besides the physical fight. We all have the right to be heard by our elected representatives, so there’s nothing to fear… just do it!”

Perry Mamigonian, PHA Advocate

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