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This year, Congress will debate and create laws that impact the every-day lives of individuals with pulmonary hypertension. Laws about healthcare services, insurance coverage, copay assistance programs and more. The Pulmonary Hypertension Association makes it easy for you to educate your elected officials about the needs of the PH community. Be heard. Be a PH advocate.

Take Action

“For me, it was important to remember that our Members of Congress are people just like us.  When you meet with them, all you have to do is speak clearly and honestly and be prepared with PHA information. Also, having other PHers with you makes it all so much easier.”

Diane Ramirez, PHA Advocate

“I am so happy that I had the opportunity to share about my sister’s situation. I want to do it again.”

Jane Armstead, PHA Advocate

“Being active in advocacy gives me another way to fight PH besides the physical fight. We all have the right to be heard by our elected representatives, so there’s nothing to fear… just do it!”

Perry Mamigonian, PHA Advocate

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