Living with a serious and rare diagnosis like pulmonary hypertension (PH) can be isolating. The PHA community is a network where people can connect with others who aren’t just living with PH, they’re living their best lives. People with PH are more than their illness, with hopes, goals and experiences that are rich and inspiring. Friends, family, caregivers, care providers and other supporters who have been inspired to add their voices to the fight against PH are part of this network, too. Together, the PHA community has the right heart for adventure, altruism, community and caring.

That’s why PHA is launching a new blog series — The Right Heart. Through posts, pictures, videos and live social media events, we want to share these stories.

Each week, we’ll include new posts and articles in PHANews, PHA’s e-newsletter. Sign up to receive a new edition in your email inbox each week. We also want to hear your idea for a story. Contact us at and you could be featured in The Right Heart blog series or Pathlight magazine, PHA’s official membership publication.


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