Support group leaders from four states recently participated in a regional training session organized by the Pulmonary Hypertension Association’s Support Group Leader Training Institute. The July 28 event attracted seven leaders from Massachusetts, Maine, New York and Rhode Island.

The daylong, interactive workshop was designed to help leaders support and connect the pulmonary hypertension community. Participants shared information and learned ideas to plan, promote and run support group meetings.

The workshop covered important aspects of support group meetings, such as planning meetings that meets the needs of local communities, making attendees feel welcome and supported, giving all attendees a chance to participate, handling difficult situations and providing education and resources.

Boris Medarov, who leads PHA’s Albany, New York, support group was glad he participated. He said he learned a lot about PHA resources to help his members. Similarly, Migdalia Nova, who leads the Albany Support Group, said the leader training included a lot of helpful tips that could be useful for her group’s future programs.

We’re always looking for support group leaders like Boris and Migdalia. If there’s no support group close to you, PHA can help you start one. Bring support to your area now by completing our volunteer application.