If someone you care about has been diagnosed with pulmonary hypertension, you may find yourself taking on unfamiliar responsibilities. Whether you’re a close family member or a friend, neighbor or teacher, you have the opportunity to provide much needed friendship and support. Chances are you have questions about PH and what you can do to help your loved one live a happy and full life.

Here you’ll find information and resources to help you care for your loved one without neglecting your own needs.

Learn more about caregiving and PH. One way you can support your loved one is learning all that you can about PH. PHA has abundant, trustworthy information free to you and your loved one.

Empower your loved one. Order PHA’s free newly diagnosed patient booklet, the Navigating Pulmonary hypertension, for you and your loved one with PH. This booklet will advise you on the best steps to take as you begin a lifelong journey together with PH.

Connect with other caregivers. PHA encourages caregivers to reach out to one another, share stories, support each other, swap strategies and connect. All PHA Support Groups welcome caregivers (many are led by caregivers). PHA hosts a monthly telephone support group just for caregivers and administers a closed Facebook group as well.

Are you a parent? Parents of children with PH are caregivers with unique perspectives and challenges, so PHA has created resources tailored to your needs.

Taking a break. One important piece of advice from longtime caregivers is to take breaks when you need them. This may not always be easy, but it is important. Prioritize your health and wellbeing so that you can provide maximum care to your loved one. Depending on your and your loved one’s relationship, health and insurance, you may even be eligible for professional support in the form of respite, or temporary relief from caregiving provided by a professional.