Two caregivers meet at a PHA event

PHA Caregiver Telephone Support Group

Connect with other PH caregivers, learn and share experiences caring for a loved one with PH. Register for an upcoming meeting and receive instructions in an email.

Register for a Caregiver Support Group

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PHA Email PHriends

PHA’s Email PHriends are volunteers who are available to answer your questions by email. They can’t provide medical advice, but they can share their experiences caring for loved ones with PH and help you find resources to ensure your loved one receives the best care possible. Request an Email PHriend.

In-Person Support Groups

PHA Support Groups offer education, support, hope and empowerment. There are more than 200 in-person PHA support groups. You are not alone and there’s a good chance there’s a group meeting near you. Find a local support group.

Looking for other parents of children who have PH? Find more resources for support here.