California Family Fights for Improved Diagnosis and Treatment Through PH Bill

2019-05-23T19:08:25-04:00May 23rd, 2019|

Tracy Espinosa of Stockton, Calif., knows first-hand the need for better diagnosis and treatment of pulmonary hypertension (PH), especially when it comes to pediatric PH. Tracy lost her husband to PH and her two daughters, Lauren and TJ, now live with the disease. In late 2018, after the devastating loss of a friend’s young

Advocacy Success: Three States Pass Laws to Protect Patients Using Copay Cards

2019-05-09T20:15:01-04:00May 9th, 2019|

This year, Virginia and West Virginia passed legislation that requires all forms of copay assistance to count toward an individual’s deductible. Arizona passed more limited legislation that is a step in the right direction. Arizona requires copay assistance to be counted when no generic equivalent is available or when a patient has undergone step

FDA Comment Period on Life with a Rare Disease Still Open

2019-05-14T13:11:47-04:00May 9th, 2019|

Individuals with pulmonary hypertension (PH) and staff from the Pulmonary Hypertension Association (PHA) weighed in during a recent public meeting about living with a rare disease. The meeting was hosted by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and was designed to give people living with rare diseases and their family caregivers an opportunity

Take Action for PH Patients: Speak Out on Step Therapy and Copay Cards

2019-04-25T16:54:01-04:00April 25th, 2019|

PHA’s advocacy action center has two new alerts that make it easy for you to speak out about legislation that impacts the PH community. Take action now with just a few clicks. National action: Wherever you live, email your U.S. representative about the life-threatening risk of step therapy requirements for PH patients. Email now.

PHA Joins NHLBI in Celebrating 50 Years of Progress in Pulmonary Science

2019-04-18T16:41:26-04:00April 18th, 2019|

The National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute’s (NHLBI’s) Division of Lung Diseases celebrated its 50th anniversary April 9 with an NIH Symposium on lung research followed by a reception at the Rayburn House Office Building on Capitol Hill, Washington, D.C. The anniversary’s theme is “Celebrating 50 Years of Progress in Pulmonary Science.” Staff from

Make an Impact on the Hill and Attend Our First-Ever Symposium Trivia Night

2019-04-18T16:42:37-04:00April 18th, 2019|

Health care professionals can register today for the Pulmonary Hypertension Association’s (PHA’s) 2019 PH Professional Network (PHPN) Symposium Sept. 5-7 in Washington, D.C., and take advantage of their proximity to Capitol Hill during Advocacy Day on Sept. 5. Nurses, respiratory therapists and physicians can advocate for their patients and their practice in facilitated, small

Openings Still Available for Webinar Participation in FDA Meeting to Gather Input on Living With a Rare Disease

2019-04-11T15:59:10-04:00April 11th, 2019|

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) reports that the in-person registration for their April 29 public meeting “Patient Perspectives on the Impact of Rare Diseases” is full. However, interested persons can still register to attend via webcast. In addition, the FDA invites those interested in attending in-person to join the waitlist. The FDA

PHA’s Community Helps Highlight Importance of Organ Donation

2019-04-11T16:02:04-04:00April 11th, 2019|

National Donate Life Month continues to celebrate the capacity we all possess to give life and hope by registering to become an organ donor. Every ten minutes, someone is added to the National Transplant Registry. Depending on the availability of necessary organs, wait times for patients on the list can be anywhere from days