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Hope Is Focus of Pulmonary Hypertension Awareness Month

2019-10-17T19:15:19+00:00October 17th, 2019|

November is Pulmonary Hypertension Awareness Month, and anticipation is growing at the Pulmonary Hypertension Association (PHA). Starting Nov. 1, PHA will launch a month-long awareness campaign called “PHaces of Hope,” which will focus on the faces of those who bravely fight pulmonary hypertension (PH), showing how PH can affect individuals of any age, everywhere.

A Conversation with Pulmonary Hypertension Expert Dr. Jeffery Sager

2019-10-17T19:13:02+00:00October 17th, 2019|

Dr. Jeffrey Sager is the director of the Pulmonary Hypertension Care Center (PHCC) at Cottage Rehabilitation Hospital & Goleta Valley Cottage Hospital in Santa Barbara, Calif. He also serves on the Pulmonary Hypertension Association’s (PHA’s) Scientific Leadership Council. In this story, he discusses his work with pulmonary hypertension (PH) and his connection to PHA.

Resources for Navigating Medicare Open Enrollment

2019-10-17T19:11:37+00:00October 17th, 2019|

Medicare Open Enrollment has begun. Now through Dec. 7, 2019, individuals with health insurance through Medicare can make changes to their existing coverage. The Pulmonary Hypertension Association (PHA) offers guidelines for choosing Medicare coverage at https://PHAssociation.org/Patients/Insurance/Medicare/. On this page you will find helpful videos, and other resources to help with you better understand Medicare. One-on-one

PH Patient Shares Her Story and Hopes for the Future

2019-10-17T19:28:21+00:00October 17th, 2019|

The Pulmonary Hypertension Association’s (PHA’s) The Right Heart blog brings you a story about a patient that was diagnosed with pulmonary hypertension (PH) in October 2015 after realizing she had a family history of this disease. CraShundra Richardson started experiencing fatigue early on and went to her doctor. Her doctor recommended that she get

Join PHA for Pulmonary Hypertension Awareness Month in November…Share Your Story

2019-10-10T16:02:05+00:00October 10th, 2019|

During the month of November, the Pulmonary Hypertension Association (PHA) gives special recognition to pulmonary hypertension (PH), along with a specific type of PH on Nov. 13, CTEPH Awareness Day. PHA encourages our PH community to join in spreading awareness all month long. Our 2019 Pulmonary Hypertension Awareness Month campaign focuses on “PHaces of

Board of Trustees Member ‘Out and About’

2019-10-10T17:15:06+00:00October 10th, 2019|

Pulmonary Hypertension Association (PHA) Board of Trustees member Nicole Creech participated last month in the Patient Symposium at Washington University in St. Louis, an accredited Pulmonary Hypertension Care Center (PHCC). Nicole, who has pulmonary hypertension (PH) and sickle cell disease, highlighted resources PHA has to offer the PH community, and encouraged newly diagnosed patients

Medicare Open Enrollment Starts Tuesday, Oct. 15

2019-10-10T16:46:19+00:00October 10th, 2019|

Medicare Open Enrollment runs from Tuesday, Oct. 15, through Saturday, Dec. 7. During this time, individuals with health insurance through Medicare can switch their existing coverage, including making changes from: One Medicare Part D (prescription drug) plan to another. Original Medicare (Parts A & B) to a Medicare Advantage Plan (Part C). Medicare Advantage

Central California Walk Returns for Its 8th Year

2019-10-10T16:59:47+00:00October 10th, 2019|

The Pulmonary Hypertension Association (PHA) will be hosting the annual Central California O2breathe Walk on Saturday, Oct. 26, in Fresno, Calif. The walk offers an opportunity for patients, caregivers, friends, family and medical professionals to gather together for a common goal: raising funds to help support those affected by pulmonary hypertension (PH) and ultimately