Living With Two Rare Diseases

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“Rare Disease Day is not just about PH; it is also a recognition of the many rare diseases for which resources and funding are often limited.” By Shan Hardwick “I have PH, caused by scleroderma. I had symptoms of a scleroderma-related syndrome for years, but no one put them together for a

Catherine Sta Maria

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“She's [mother] been experiencing difficulty breathing for eight years, but her cardiologist told us it was because of her age — 80 years —and it was only in her mind.” "My mother has pulmonary hypertension with COPD and dysfunction of left valve or artery of the heart. She's been experiencing difficulty breathing

Claudine Saxton: My PH Journey

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“I am not sure what to expect. Will these symptoms stop or am I going to have to live with them?” “I am a 78-year-old lady. I have been having symptoms of pulmonary hypertension (PH) for quite some time. I kept thinking that there was nothing wrong and I was imagining the