Dear friends,

I’m pleased to share with you the Pulmonary Hypertension Association 2021 Annual Report. The report reflects PHA’s achievements during the second year of the pandemic, the support of our members and selfless efforts of our volunteers.

For the first time, the Pulmonary Hypertension Annual Report is solely digital – and interactive. In addition to traditional stories about our achievements, the report links directly to photos, features and articles on our website. The digital format allows you to view videos and connect with the broader pulmonary hypertension (PH) community through social media posts embedded in the report.

Although the format is new, the report acknowledges PHA’s proudly patient-focused, patient-driven history – and its impact and momentum into the future. Given that 2021 was PHA’s 30th anniversary, the report showcases three decades of achievements through our 30 Milestones in 30 Years timeline, also embedded in the report.

This year, as it has throughout our history, the PHA annual report celebrates the association’s strides to fulfill its mission to extend and improve the lives of those affected by PH. The report shows PHA’s impact through research, education, support and advocacy through stories of people with PH, caregivers and PH professionals.

We frequently hear from patients and caregivers about the impact we make on their lives: through our support services, outreach, education and personal connections. That impact is possible not just from the commitment of the PHA staff, but the hours of service by volunteers and ordinary people in the PH community.

We owe our success to the many people who lead support groups, answer calls on the patient support line, write to elected officials, and host and participate in fundraising events. Thank you for helping us educate, engage and support the PHA community.

Our impact on the PH community doesn’t affect only patients and caregivers. We help advance the scientific understanding of the disease through continuing education opportunities for health care professionals and investment in PH research.

In fall 2021, despite pandemic restrictions, our PH Professional Network hosted its biennial Symposium. While we couldn’t convene in person in Washington, D.C., as we normally do, the event took place online. The health care providers and researchers who presented the education sessions, and those who participated virtually, demonstrated the passion and commitment that leads to earlier and more accurate diagnosis, more effective treatment and better quality of life for with PH.

Please scroll through our digital annual report to celebrate and share our successes from 2021. We hope it inspires you to continue your support for PHA.

As always, I look forward to your feedback. I hope you enjoy the report.

With gratitude and respect,