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Phone and Online Support

PHA PHriends are patient and caregiver volunteers in the PH community who are available to offer hope and support throughout your PH journey. Under the supervision of PHA, PHriends work with patients and caregivers affected by PH to provide emotional support and alleviate current life challenges.

Disclaimer: PHA PHriends are available to provide hope and support to PH patients and caregivers. They do not provide medical advice, which should be obtained directly from a physician.

When I was first diagnosed I spoke to Cindy Pickles over the phone and she was such a tremendous help to me! So, I just like the idea of helping someone with their PH journey, laugh, cry, but most of all let them know we are here if you need us- don’t go through this current mountain without anyone to talk to.

Janet Mabe, PHA PHriend

When I was diagnosed 19 years ago, very little was known about this disease. My husband, an ER doc, first diagnosed me. We then started on a journey to find a doc who treated this. Doctors told me I wouldn’t live 2 years but I had my husband at my side to answer all my questions, mix my flolan, change my dressings, etc. I’ve always considered myself very lucky in this regard. Along the way, I’ve met other patients who had a terrible time even getting a diagnosis . I know that attitude has a lot to do with survival. Wanting to share my support & encouragement is why I answer my phone when it rings.

Jan Neumann, PHA PHriend

(The reason I’m a mentor is) knowing that you have maybe helped someone who was as scared as I was or more.

Mack Lester, PHA PHriend

When I was diagnosed I did not meet anyone with PH until a year into it. I was scared – felt alone – I wanted to become a mentor to make sure no one else felt alone.

Sally Maddox, PHA PHriend

When my daughter was diagnosed, talking to other ph parents literally gave me hope that I could not find anywhere else!

Mitzi McIver-LaBarge, PHA PHriend

Patient-to-Patient Support Line

Support Line volunteers are here to answer your PH questions, lend a sympathetic ear or help guide you in solving problems or issues related to living with PH. Call PHA’s Patient-to-Patient Support Line to speak directly with a PHA PHriend.

Email Mentors

Email mentors can share what they’ve learned along their PH journey, point you in the direction for information and resources of value, and work with you to develop strategies for coping with PH in your own life. Email Mentors are available to answer questions or for ongoing email relationships up to three months in length.

Patient Telephone Support Group

Join this monthly support call to connect with other patients and discuss struggles and triumphs, and to receive support and advice from long-term survivors. There is a PH patient present to facilitate introductions and conversation. Join the conversation or simply listen.

Caregiver Telephone Support Group

Join this monthly support call to connect, learn, and share strategies and experiences with PH caregivers and parents across the country. There is a PH caregiver present to facilitate introductions and present a discussion topic.

Parent Telephone Support Group

Call in toll-free to connect, learn, and share strategies and experiences caring for your child with PH. Register for an upcoming meeting and receive call instructions once registered.

Young Adult Telephone Support Group

This meet-up is held monthly for young adults with pulmonary hypertension who want to connect with other young adult patients via phone or video conferencing. The meet-up is moderated by two young adult facilitators.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at or call 301-565-3004 x777.

Are you interested in supporting new patients and caregivers in the PH community? Apply to be a PHA PHriend:

Facebook Groups

PHA hosts Facebook groups for the following communities:

We are grateful to United Therapeutics Corporation for its sponsorship of PHA’s support programs.