Conference Speaker Spotlight: Michael Snyder, Ph.D.

Because genetics are essential to the discussion about precision medicine, the Scientific Sessions Committee is excited to feature Michal Snyder, Ph.D., Stanford Ascherman professor and chair of Genetics and director of the Center of Genomics and Personalized Medicine at Stanford University School of Medicine, during the session block “Omics and Wearable in Pulmonary Hypertension: Are We There Yet?.” Dr. Snyder is a leader in the field of functional genomics and proteomics, and a major participant in the Encyclopedia of DNA Elements (ENCODE) project, a public research project to identify all functional elements in the human genome. His laboratory study was the first to perform a large-scale functional genomics project in any organism and has led to the development of many technologies in genomics and proteomics. These technologies have been used for characterizing genomes, proteomes and regulatory networks. Seminal findings from the Snyder laboratory include the discovery that much more of the human genome is transcribed and contains regulatory information than was previously appreciated, and a high diversity of transcription factor binding occurs both between and within species.

Dr. Snyder also has combined different state-of-the-art “omics” technologies to perform the first longitudinal detailed integrative personal omics profile (iPOP) of a person, which has been used to assess disease risk and monitor disease states for personalized medicine. During his session, “An Integrative Personal Omics Profile,” he will discuss the genome sequence, big data and how it can inform health and what can be learned from wearable devices.

PHA’s 2018 International PH Conference and Scientific Sessions, the largest international gathering of pulmonary hypertension (PH) community members in the world, will bring together nearly 500 PH-treating health care professionals to exchange knowledge and connect on advancements made in the field of PH. The theme of this year’s Scientific and Clinical Sessions is “The Path to Precision Medicine in Pulmonary Vascular Disease.” PHA is offering 20 accredited continuing education sessions aligned with this theme, and participants can earn up to 15.5 hours of CME/CE credit. And, for the first time, CME/CE credit will be available for participation in the abstract poster session Thursday, June 28, which will include lightning-round presentations of the top submitted abstracts.

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Michael Snyder, Ph.D.

Michael Snyder, Ph.D.

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