The summer 2023 issue of Pathlight focuses on managing pulmonary hypertension (PH): whether it’s accessing appropriate treatment, using health apps or finding a support network.

Our cover story, “The Promise of Wearable Trackers and Apps,” examines technology to help patients manage and track symptoms and improve their health. It also explores clinician tools to identify signs of PH and improve diagnosis. An accompanying story covers research studies that use fitness apps to help participants increase their physical activity.

In “When You Can’t Breathe, Nothing Else Matters,” Barb Linser of Cincinnati and Cash and Jeff Harpp of Indianapolis discuss the challenges of accessing supplemental oxygen.

This issue also includes the inspiring story of Elisa Lipnick. Elisa, 37, underwent lung transplant surgery in January 2022, about a decade after her PH diagnosis. She shares appreciation for her donor and their family and her new ability to breathe.

Our volunteer spotlight focuses on Deborah Hines-Bruce, who teaches language arts to students with disabilities. She and her husband Gary, who also has PH, lead PHA’s Dallas support group.

In our donor profile, we hear from Debbie and Steve McCarthy. The Belford, New Jersey, couple raise money for PHA in remembrance of their daughter Katie, who died 10 years ago at age 29.

The summer issue also covers:

  • What you need to know about post-pandemic health coverage.
  • How health disparities affect PH care.
  • How PHA peer groups can help you build a support network.
  • Connecting in person at Boston’s PH community workshop.
  • Why health care professionals should bring their whole teams to PHA’s PHPN Symposium.

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