Health care professionals: Join us June 9 through 12 for PHA 2022 International PH Conference and Scientific Sessions.

Earn up to 14.5 hours of continuing education credit, learn about the latest pulmonary hypertension (PH) research and discuss best practices for PH treatment and management. Plus, don’t miss unique opportunities to meet people with PH and their families, as well as network with other PH-treating professionals.

“This is the only conference … where patients are not only the focus of the meeting, but also attendees,” says Michael Risbano, M.D., a member of the PHA 2022 Scientific Sessions Committee. “This is truly a patient-centered conference, where the professional attendees are here to help. It’s a flipped script on the traditional conference approach, and it makes this conference that much more meaningful.”

The committee plans the scientific portion of the conference and vets content. This year’s Scientific Sessions theme is “Vision for the PHuture: The Evolving Science and Management of PH.

New in 2022
This year’s Scientific Sessions will feature two debates: one about initial treatment strategy for triple combination therapy and one on Potts shunts vs. lung transplant.

PHA 2022 Scientific Sessions also will include a joint PHA-Pulmonary Vascular Research Institute session on the global PH perspective and diagnosis and care management for PH groups other than Group 1.

The conference will also feature a session on the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on pulmonary vasculature and PH care.

Program highlights

  • What We Have Learned Since PHA 2018: Updates on clinical trials, therapies and basic science advancements.
  • PH Throughout the Lifecycle: Genetic testing, adolescent issues in PH.
  • Beyond Vasodilators: Non-medical Interventions for PH.
  • Role of exercise, activity tracking, remote monitoring in PH care.

Unique features
One of the things that makes PHA 2022 stand out from other scientific conferences is the focus on pulmonary vascular disease, says Dr. Risbano, director of advanced cardiopulmonary exercise testing and head of PH clinical operations at the University of Pittsburgh Comprehensive PH Program.

“This conference focuses on pulmonary vascular disease topics that are right in our wheelhouse,” he says. “It’s dedicated to diagnosing, ​treating and discussing all forms of PH.”

Another unique feature is that the content from the Scientific Sessions benefits patients, says Regina Overton-Barnes, N.P., clinical coordinator at the East Tennessee Pulmonary Hypertension Center, another member of the Scientific Sessions Committee. The Scientific Sessions provide practical information health care professionals can use instantly when returning to the clinic, she says.

Worldwide reputation
The highly focused nature of PHA’s Scientific Sessions draws experts from around the world, says Rebecca Greene, PharmD, BCCCP, a clinical pharmacist specialist in critical care at Rhode Island Hospital, also a member of the committee.

The Scientific Sessions appeal to professionals from large medical centers as well as small clinics. PH professionals from practices of any size can learn practical, up-to-date information that can affect their patients’ futures as well as quality of life, Ms. Overton-Barnes says.

Ms. Overton-Barnes says she repeatedly attends PHA Scientific Sessions because of the value, quality clinical information and the latest research from PH leaders.

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