Some people who use CADD Legacy pumps for Remodulin, Veletri or Flolan have encountered unpredictable “no disposable” alarms. The no disposable alarm is supposed to show that no medication cassette is present. However, the alarms sometimes go off when cassettes are correctly loaded.

When alerted to the problem, the Pulmonary Hypertension Association urged the CADD pump manufacturer to quickly resolve the problem. Recently, the manufacturer determined that the problem was with certain cassettes and not the pump.

However, full resolution of the problem will take additional time. In the meantime, PHA encourages patients who experience persistent no disposable alarms to:

  • Remove the medication cassette and replace it with a fresh one. Don’t replace the pump unless you encounter additional issues/alarms.
  • If the alarm continues, seek emergency medical care as instructed by your PH care team or your specialty pharmacy.
  • Notify your specialty pharmacy if your medication supply runs low because you needed to mix additional cassettes.

Note: Replace the cassette only if the no disposable alarm goes off. For all other alarms, follow the regular emergency protocols provided by your care team.

Questions? Email PHA’s advocacy and treatment access team or call 301-565-3004 x758.