On May 18, Doreen Potter and her family will attend the 2019 Stride for a Cure 5K and Walk outside of Chicago, in memory of Bud Vance, their father, grandfather, husband, friend and mentor.

Bud was diagnosed with pulmonary hypertension (PH) in 2013 after visiting multiple doctors due to the decline of his breathing and overall health. After his diagnosis, his daughter Doreen said, “My Dad wanted to continue to live a very full life having fun with his wife, Pauline, four children, Doreen, Joanne, Paul and Karen and 12 grandchildren. One of his goals was to see the youngest grandchild, 9 years old, graduate from high school.

“When my Dad first started carrying oxygen in 2015, he booked two houseboats in Shelbyville, Illinois, for a family vacation. My brother was so upset as Lake Shelbyville is in the middle of nowhere! My Dad wouldn’t hear of it — we were all going to be there. In the end, we had a wonderful time and we have memories of being together that we will not forget.”

Bud loved being on the water. Shortly after a hospital stay in January 2018, he “got another great idea — to trade in his beloved boat that they had for 16 years for a $100,000 Cobalt. He felt that he drove a Corvette on land and wanted a Corvette on the water. One doctor told him that he did not have more than four to five months to live, so we were shocked that he wanted to do this. The boat was delivered May 2018 and he was with us to celebrate with a Cobalt Gala.”

Although he only made it on the boat four times that summer, Doreen says, “One of my greatest memories was of him being able to drive that boat to the 4th of July fireworks show on the water.”

Bud was also involved in helping to establish The Vance Family Foundation, which has donated $12,500 for the Stride for a Cure 5K and Walk in his honor. Establishing the foundation fulfilled Bud’s desire “to give back the treasures that were given to him and to make a difference for future generations,” explains Doreen.

Bud’s health deteriorated in the months following his January hospital stay, and he passed away in October 2018. Bud’s large and loving family have formed a team “In Memory of Bud,” and will be walking in his honor at Stride for a Cure.

For more information on the Stride for a Cure 5K and Walk go to www.PHAevents.org/Stride.

Bud Vance behind the wheel of his Cobalt.

Team “In Memory of Bud” gather for a group shot.