Two years ago, Gary Atkinson of Port Charlotte, Florida, created a fundraising team for the Boston O2breathe Walk to honor his daughter’s memory.

Gary, a former resident of West Townsend, Massachusetts, named the team “Because of Sarah.” Sarah, who was born with pulmonary hypertension (PH), succumbed to the disease almost 21 years ago at age 18.

Gary became aware of the Pulmonary Hypertension Association (PHA) after Sarah’s passing. He was researching the latest developments related to PH.

“Now, I do what I can to ensure that no other PH parent has to see this as a shortcoming.”

When Gary started his Boston O2breathe Walk team he was stunned by generosity of people who remembered Sarah.

“I had incredibly emotional moments learning how much Sarah is still a part of so many of the people she left behind,” he says. “Her best friend said that the event was like a breath of fresh air she … hadn’t realize how much she had needed.”

Today, Gary continues to fundraise and support PHA through annual donations.

“It’s the one thing that allows me to feel like I’m still doing something for my daughter Sarah, showing her that I love her dearly and that I’m keeping her present in my life.”

Gary says nothing is more rewarding for him than “working with such great people to bring hope, support and awareness to the PH community. PHA gives you the best platform that I know of for making a meaningful and positive impact on people’s lives.”

As PHA’s celebrates its 30th anniversary, it continues to provide support, education and research for the PH community. Join Gary in supporting PHA by donating today, and help PHA provide hope for the next 30 years.