Protect Your Right to Financial Assistance

More and more health insurance plans are refusing to accept premium and copay payments from nonprofit financial assistance organizations. When insurers refuse premium and copay assistance payments, individuals with PH and other costly medical conditions are forced to find alternate coverage or go without life-saving therapy. Email your representative today and ask them to take a stand for their constituents with PH.

PHA Fights for Patients’ Right to Financial Assistance

70 health insurance plans in 41 states now have policies that allow them to deny coverage to individuals with PH and other chronic health conditions who receive non-profit premium or copay assistance. PHA is fighting back. Recently, PHA joined other members of the Marketplace Access Coalition on Capitol Hill and asked Members of Congress to make this stop. You can fight too! Take action by emailing your Representative today.

“My doctor wanted me to start [a second medication], in addition to my current therapy … I had to decline it because under Part D, the 29% co-pay would be $1,142 for a 30-day supply.”

Lynne Cook

“Financial assistance gave me the assurance that I could maintain my health by receiving proper treatment. [Now I] don’t know how I’m going to pay for medication that is life sustaining; I am terrified of what is to come.”

Lena Siddell

“Being that I’m low income, [a charitable organization] paid my monthly Blue Cross premium, and Blue Cross paid for my pulmonary hypertension medication. Now I don’t know how I can afford any kind of coverage for anything – doctors, hospital stays, medication.”

Linda Milo

“These costs are cutting me to the core and I’m thinking about whether to stay on my PH medication. I was in a hospital recently that was unfamiliar with PH.  Because of that they not give me my PH medication for a few days and I felt a difference in my health in just that short time.”

Marguerite Adams