Ryan and Kenda James

Ryan James joined the Pulmonary Hypertension Association (PHA)’s monthly giving program — the Sustainers Circle — in May because he felt a need to be more involved in causes he cared about.

“I’ve started giving more money to charitable organizations since the COVID-19 pandemic started,” says Ryan, of Dallas. “It’s important that we all come together to help those who are struggling.”

Ryan was diagnosed with pulmonary hypertension (PH) more than 10 years ago at age 26, although he had experienced symptoms and faced misdiagnoses for years earlier.

“I’ve been fortunate enough — so far, fingers crossed and knock on wood — to keep my job and work-full time,” he says. He’s found a treatment regimen that works for him and allows him to enjoy life with his wife, Kenda.

Ryan decided to begin giving monthly to PHA May 5 for Giving Tuesday Now, a global fundraising event in response to the pandemic. “After seeing an email from PHA, the thought occurred to me that I was missing out on giving to something that directly affects me and my family.”

Donating to PHA monthly is easier on the budget and does a lot of good in the long-term, he says.

“I hope my giving can brighten my future and the future of others like me,” he says. “When you give to PHA, even if it’s a little each month, it’s a big help.”

Interested in donating monthly to PHA and joining the Sustainers Circle? Sign up here.