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    Hi everyone,

    My Dad was diagnosed with PH in 2013. He was managing his care well until the end of the summer when his symptoms got worse. He finally was reassessed by his specialist this week and he was told that his disease had progressed and he would now need 24/7 oxygen and he will be going to a lung specialist. I’m just learning about PH and how it progresses. Sadly, because he wasn’t really suffering from debilitating symptoms, I hadn’t really looked into how we would handle it when things got worse. Now that they are worse, I am trying to help my parents make some decisions.

    I am looking to talk to anyone who has applied for and received disability benefits because of their diagnosis with PH. My dad planned to retire in March, but doesn’t think he can return to work given his current health issues. His doctor is willing to provide the documentation needed to support his claim for disability benefits, but I’m looking for basic information on how to navigate all that. If you have experience with this and are willing to share, please message me.

    Thank you!

  • Peggy
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    I am retired but I worked in an area that had many clients on disability. I can tell you he will have an easier time due to his age. It’s vital that if he is initially turned down that he appeal. It’s not hard and he can simply attend the hearing and say why he can’t work because of the condition outlined in he doctors material.. You can use an attorney but it isn’t necessary.
    I suspect he will be approved initially so that would alleviate the anxiety of not knowing. Apply as soon as possible as you can receive retroactive benefits.

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