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  • Beverly
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    Happy Monday,

    I have a question about echo’s, has anyone posted where they received a result of mild pulmonary hypertension and then had a right heart cath and it came back not PH? Unfortunately I have way to many symptoms but I am crossing my fingers. Thank you for any thoughts and info,


  • joy
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    I have this problem. I have an echo 1 year ago, said I had mild Pulmonary hypertension. I went to a pulmonary specialist. He did a rhc and said I didn’t have PH. But my symptoms are even worse than 1 year ago. My blood work came back as me having kidney problems, metabolic acidosis. He ran a Transthoracic echo, it came back abnormal, but he never spoke to me about it,I read the report. I am 62 years old, he said my RSVP is 29 mmhg. He said this is normal. All I know is I have problems breathing.

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