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  • cheen50
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    Apparently this over the counter supplement helps with expanding blood vessels and blood flow. Has anyone tried it?

  • Dawn Reynolds
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    I have been taking L-Arginine since I was diagnosed (500 mg tablet). My doctor said it was okay to add to my other meds. I just don’t know which meds help or not but I still take it every day.

  • Leona
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    I have been taking it daily for about 4 years — I take a powder that I mix with water..5000mg of L’Arginine & it includes 1000mg of L’Citruline which I believe your body naturally converts to L’Arginine .. it is supposed to help your blood vessels relax and expand. I have found I do better with the brand that includes the L’Citruline.

    I had a great acupuncturist you I felt was really helpful, but he has moved and the next one I tried is not as effective.

    My recent heart cath was very similar to my first one 4 or 5 years ago… pressures in the high 40s or low 50s. The heart doctor who did it said “very consistent” no significant change. I think the supplement helps me.

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