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    • Christine Williams
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      My PH was secondary to my PF. I was surprised that I was given medication for it because PF was and still is incurable. In any case, the development of PH started me on oxygen full time and the lung transplant talk was back on the table. I was prescribed Tracleer and Adcirca. Tracleer later got replaced with Opsumit. I had the opportunity to attend the PHA Conference in Indiana in 2014 (I think). After my PH diagnosis, I immediately saught out support groups both face to face and online. I found both through the association. I signed up for webinars and participated in the monthly support group call for patients.

      I was transplanted January 4, 2016. I remember the day when my pulmonologist told me I no longer had PH and PF…I couldn’t believe it!

      My lung transplant is not a cure. I traded one (two) chronic condition for another.

      God bless you all and let’s find a cure for PH!

    • Karla
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      I am needing a lung transplant and scared to death!. Would like to hear from anyone who has had a transplant.

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