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    • Michael Knaapen
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      Hello, myPHA users!

      I’m Mike with the PHA. We are thinking about ways to improve your myPHA experience (that is, these online forums, not the whole website or anything else).

      Something I’ve been thinking about is whether it’s hard to navigate and maybe more complicated than it needs to be? For example, if we removed the profile and messages and other extraneous things you don’t use, but we kept the forums so people could continue to talk to one another and share ideas and support, would that be a good change?

      What else can we do to improve your myPHA experience? Do you find the topic tags, having multiple forums, topics types and statuses helpful – or would you be okay with one big forum with different topics you post and comment on on your own? Any feedback will help – thanks!


      P.S. You can email me your suggestions, too, if you like:">

    • Perry
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      You know I’m new to the PH thing and I read somewhere, not sure if it was here or another site, but it was a list of what was the one thing you wish friends and family knew about Pulmonary Hypertension. I’ve looked for it but can’t find the list anywhere.
      Thanks, Perry

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