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  • Cindy Bertram
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    Recently diagnosed with PAH due to Liver Cirrhosis and has since been put on IV Veletri. The pouch that was supplied with the first shipment of Veletri isn’t really well suited for wearing 24/7 and has such a small strap it digs into my wife’s waist or neck depending on where she is wearing it. Any suggestions on pouch with a larger strap for a cadd pump and 100ml cassette? Thanks Tony a new caregiver

  • Ava
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    Hi Tony,
    I’m hoping some of the Veletri users get back to you with a more detailed answer (I’m on oral meds only) but wanted to let you know that there were previously discussions on this topic (on the old MyPHA site). From what I can recall, a few Veletri users mentioned buying purses/bags online through Amazon (even though they weren’t designed for Veletri) and saying they were happy with the products and that you wouldn’t know it was for medication (just looked like a bag). I can’t recall specific brands, sorry, but perhaps someone else can give you more detail.

    Meanwhile, all the best to you and your wife – please let us know if you have any questions!

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