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  • Barbara
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    I was diagnosed with Mild Pulmonary Hypertension about a year ago. They believe mine is due to my aleep apnea but also that my auto immune diseases (Hashimotos, Sjogrens, Fibromaralgia) could be effecting the disease so I have been on high doses of Immunosuppressant drugs for a year now and use a CPAP Machine. Note: I also take a light dose of beta blocker and a diuretic. I notice that when I am not feeling well, which is most of the time, I experience shortness of breath when walking, leaning over, carrying something etc. even though I only have mild PH (Pressures of almost 27) and my oxygen levels are in the normal range. Is this normal?

  • Patricia
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    Barbara, I don’t believe that is normal. At best my pressures are 45, I take three different PH meds, and I am able to do just about anything, but that didn’t happened until they got my PH under control. Did they get your pressures by doing a right heart cath? If not, they should as that is the most accurate way to get pressures and to see how your cardiac output is.

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