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  • Karl Lalemand
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    My wife (who is the one with PAH) and I are planing on a trip from Maine to Montana and other places along the way, and back via Wyoming, Nebraska, Missouri Indianapolis … and well, after doing a bit of research this seems like not such a good idea?

    Maine’s average mean altitude is 600′ and many of the areas we are considering are 6,700′ + – . Most of the East coast is 300 to 1,000′

    She has on occasion a bit of a hard time walking 1/4 mile or so with having to stop to catch her breath, and it seems like going that high in altitude may be even harder to breath. No she is not currently on oxogen.

    Also, have folks found a site that lists doctors and hospitals that offer service, care for folks with PAH across the country. We’d like to know where to go should something happen along the way

  • Jenny
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    I’m new to this, but had just used the search for my area thought it might help, perhaps you can search for contacts around the places you are traveling in advance https://phassociation.org/business-directory

    Enjoy your adventures if you go, even if it needs to be modified a bit.

  • Tom McGraw
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    When my wife made our first big trip to altitude (the Grand Canyon) she was not on oxygen either but our doctor suggested we arrange to get it for the flight (which she did not need it for) and for walking around at altitude.

    It is not cheap to rent but that is the route to go if your budget can make it work.

    Best of luck.

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