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  • Abby Sickles PHA
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    Hey friends! I frequently hear questions about traveling with PH. Are you wondering the best and safest ways to travel to Conference this year? You should check out PHA’s recommendations:

  • Cara
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    I’m going to the conference this year, traveling with my caregivers via car as I am unable to fly. I’m concerned about traveling with oxygen. I’m currently using e-tanks at home when I have to go out to shop and Dr appointments. I need a portable oxygen concentrator for the trip. I am unable to get what I need from my current oxygen supply company. I’m on 5 liters of oxygen and can use an optmizer to reduce that continuous flow down to 3. Any suggestions as to what I need from Dr’s to get one? Also where to get one? I’m frustrated that my local company is unable to help in this situation and not going to conference is not an option. Thank you for you suggestions.

  • Richard Borden
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    I too had to rule out flying. I have a medium high oxygen demand 4/L @ rest 7/L on exertion, Pulse systems will not maintain my sats. Secondly I have VERY Very bad OSA and use a trilogy home ventilator on a bi-pap setting with 15/L per minute of O2 which requires 2 full size 10 L/min oxygen concentrators. I have no idea the extra baggage cost on that and the trilogy never leaves my sight as I’ve been told it retails above $20,000.
    The thought of losing my concentrators scares the bejebers out of me. So, we’re driving. Akron to Tennessee 7+hrs staying overnight with a cousin. Tennessee to Tallahassee 7.5 hrs spending 2 nights with Brother-in-law. Going to Orlando Thursday afternoon to be fresh Friday. Sunday we do it in reverse. Taking about 15 etanks from Akron and arranging delivery of about the same to the Brother-in-law’s house for the conference dropping off empties there on the way back and getting refills to take home to Akron. Because it’s what you have to do. Lucky I’m a history buff this is like planning the invasion of Normandy.

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