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  • Sara Wainwright-Feldman
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    In my continuing effort to find little ways to help my body live better with PH, I wanted to recommend yoga. I know all the docs say that yoga doesn’t really move the needle when it comes to metrics like the 6 min walk but I really have found that a regular yoga practice helps me maintain a healthy fitness level while encouraging mindful breathing practices and I have noticed reduced fluid retention and better breathing capacity when I practice regularly. I’ve had PH most of my life (I’m 32 now, currently titrating up on Uptravi) and as I get older and the ol’ body doesn’t function as well as it used to, it’s nice to find small things like this that I can control and that seem to help. Does anyone else here do yoga or something similar? And by yoga, I mean, pretty low key Hatha type yoga with a focus on breathing and stretching/strength – not too much vinyasa.

  • Alice Yount
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    Absolutely recommend yoga. I do chair yoga every other day and then do a stationery bike the other days. The chair yoga is fantastic…it helps me to get my body moving and even if it doesnt help the PH, it helps me feel so much better about myself. I think it relaxes my body and helps me to start the day with a great attitude. I have issues with a really stiff body so for me it is wonderful. I use this site for chair yoga…it might be a great starting point for anyone who cant do floor yoga. https://www.whitecloudwellness.com/ I do the 40 minute workout… Hope this information is useful!

  • Kaye Norlin
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    As a person who had PAH (I am now post lung transplant) and a registered yoga teacher, I can attest to what you two say. Yoga helps is so many ways and there is enough research now to support that. I taught yoga at the conference in Dallas and can’t travel this year since I am fresh from transplant still but I will be back in 2 years at conference. I came to yoga late (60) and quickly realized that it helped me; for the first time in years, I could lay flat on my back and breathe. I also realized there are no yoga classes for me where I live so I became a teacher, teaching people with health issues and disabilities. I also teach classes at the cancer center here.
    Sara, I completely agree- no vinyasa; we need breaks between movements so flow yogas can be difficult for many of us.
    Alice, thanks for the resource; I have not heard of that one.

    There is an International Chair Yoga Association that also has information. If either of you are in Minneapolis, there is a studio in Minnetonka Mind-Body Solutions that teaches adaptive yoga. Matt the owner is a 37+ year wheelchair user and the BEST yoga teacher I have ever seen (I have done teacher training with him).

  • Skye Ellison
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    I have had PH since I was 11 years old (now 30) and love yoga. I especially like “legs up the wall” pose. I do Ashtanga (it’s a lot more strength based), but also love to mix it up with Yin. Check out some of these links by Dr. Rana Awdish who has actually done clinical studies to evaluate the impact of yoga and PH. So excited to see that somebody in the medical community takes this seriously and recognizes the benefits and healing that is possible.

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