“I do not want to just survive, I want to THRIVE,” says Mona Singh, a first-time participant and the top fundraiser as of this writing for the 2019 Northern California O2breathe Walk on Saturday, May 4, in the Great Meadow Park at Fort Mason in San Francisco.

In a video presentation on her personal fundraising page for the walk, Mona explains: “My heart has trouble pumping blood to my lungs … I take many, many medications that slow down the progression of PH and help me to be active and keep up with my family. These medications and treatments are literally lifesaving.” She adds that while there is “no cure right now … there is constant medical research and there is the HOPE for a cure.”

Multiple teams of co-workers, families, and friends of individuals with PH like Mona’s will attend the event and walk the 1.1- or 0.3-mile route, in sight of the Golden Gate Bridge. Local health care teams and local and national O2breathe sponsors will also join the PH community, together united in raising money to support PHA’s mission: to extend and improve the lives of those affected by PH.

Register to attend at www.O2breathe.org/NCal and learn more about Mona’s story, here.

2018 Northern California O2breathe Walk participants.