Get your questions on insurance and Medicare answered in our PHA Live webinars on open enrollment. Danielle Burkett, C.M.A, of Duke University, will present two webinars on Medicare and participate in the final Q&A session.

The webinar series begins Oct. 6 with an introduction to open enrollment by PHA’s Jaeger Spratt, M.S.W. They will discuss insurance terms, how to choose an insurance plan, and important dates for open enrollment.

In the second webinar on Oct. 13, Danielle will give an overview of Medicare, including how and when parts A, B, C and D are used. She will discuss how to choose a Part D plan and understand an insurance plan’s drug formulary. She also will review who can benefit from Medicare Part C, also known as a Medicare Advantage plan and how that differs from a Medigap policy.

For the third webinar on Oct. 20, Danielle delves into the details of Medicare. She will share her insight from working with insurance companies and specialty pharmacies for the past eight years. Find out what experts wish their patients knew about Medicare, and get tips for navigating common Medicare challenges.

The final webinar on Oct. 27 will be an open forum where participants can ask questions directly to Danielle and Jaeger. PHA will collect all questions and follow up afterward to ensure as many questions as possible get answered.

Sign up for one or all of the webinars in this series to make sure you’re prepared for open enrollment season.