Essential social support during the COVID-19 pandemic is possible thanks to the Pulmonary Hypertension Association’s (PHA’s) Facebook groups. PHA Facebook groups provide a supportive space to share stories, news and concerns, as well as ask questions and support others. PHA staff and volunteers moderate the groups to ensure information about PH is accurate.

“The PHA CTEPH Facebook group is the best,” says Pam Kehoe of Wisconsin. Pam joined the group in 2015 after her diagnosis. Like many others with CTEPH, Pam was misdiagnosed and suffered from shortness of breath and fatigue for a long time before learning she had blood clots in her lungs. While recovering from surgery to remove the clots, she finally had time to learn about her diagnosis and connected with PHA.

The night she joined the group, Pam posted a few questions and went to bed. “The next morning, I was welcomed with open arms” with suggestions and encouragement. Soon after, she became a volunteer moderator.

Pam describes the members as kind, supportive and inclusive of all patients and caregivers who deal with CTEPH. The group is safe, caring and educational, she says.

Find the right PHA Facebook group for you:

  • PHA Caregivers
  • PHA Generation Hope (adults between 18 and 39)
  • PHA Long Term Thrivers
  • PHA Newly Diagnosed with PH
  • PHA Parents of Kids with Pulmonary Hypertension
  • PHA PH Plus (people with PH associated other conditions)
  • PHA Teens (Youths between 13 and 19)

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Pam Kehoe