Cathleen Chapin

Cathleen Chapin (right) doesn’t let PH stop her from enjoying her favorite activity, watching the San Francisco 49ers, with a friend.

As a pulmonary hypertension (PH) patient and support group attendee, Cathleen Chapin of Sacramento, California, knows the significance of her donation to the Pulmonary Hypertension Association (PHA).

Cathleen has been involved with PHA since 2011, when she was diagnosed with PH after recovering from hip surgery. “Little did I know that hip surgery would trigger and bring about my PH,” Cathleen said. She had an active life before surgery — walking five miles a day — but found herself out of breath and losing her stamina. She was referred to a cardiologist, who did diagnosed PH after a right heart catherization.

Nearly 10 years later, Cathleen is on a treatment regimen that works for her. She is back to being active and can breathe without problems. “Though I miss certain things I did before PH, I have found other activities to replace them,” she said, “I’m relatively active and most importantly I can breathe!” Cathleen serves as a mentor for other patients from her local clinic, where she spreads her message of hope.

She donated to PHA’s “Giving Tuesday Now” campaign May 5 because she wanted to be a part of finding a cure for PH. “My greatest desire is that no one has to be afraid of a PH diagnosis,” she said. Cathleen shares her story because she wants to be an example of a full, rich life lived with PH. “You can lead a new normal life with PH. I’ve chosen to not let this disease define me,” she said.

To join Cathleen in supporting PH patients and advancing PHA’s mission, make a gift of hope today.