Your PHA Registry (PHAR) team may change over time with new staff coming onboard and others rotating off. Here are three tips for a smooth transition:

1. Send Updated Documents
Whenever you have a staff change, begin by sending an update of your site’s contact list and delegation of responsibilities log to PHAR project director Kristina Blank. The documents convey key contact information and define the roles of study personnel. Kristina will work with you to identify staff training needs and next steps.

2. Notify the IRB
All PHAR sites have entered reliance agreements with the single institutional review board (IRB). The reliance agreement’s terms specify that personnel management remains under the purview of the local IRB. Each site should verify that all study personnel have completed human subjects’ training and appropriately reported any financial conflicts of interest. The single IRB does not need to be informed of study personnel changes unless the PI is changing or the study personnel listed on your site’s informed consent form needs to be updated. In either case, Kristina Blank will assist you.

3. Make Preparations Today
Strive to keep local documentation to facilitate transitions. Ask yourself, “If I couldn’t work for a few weeks, would my colleagues have the resources needed to pick up registry management?” If not, consider opportunities to improve. Can you document your process? Can you place registry materials in a centralized location? Little preparations today can help save your team from headaches tomorrow.