PHCR speakerPHCR is PHA’s medical membership network for physicians and researchers interested in pulmonary hypertension. Join PHCR to be instantly connected with more than 600 PH-treating physicians and researchers in the U.S. and around the world, including members of PHA’s Scientific Leadership Council (SLC).

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Membership in PHCR is open to physicians and PhD-level researchers for an annual fee of $135. Applicants who are completing residency or fellowship programs and are interested in pulmonary hypertension may become members for $35, a $100 discount.

Non-U.S. members

PHA is offering an introductory first year of free PHCR membership for physicians, researchers, residents and fellows outside of the United States. PHA believes that medical professionals everywhere should have access to current PH medical information and an opportunity to network with others in the field. We hope your free year of membership in PHCR will provide you with valuable connections, tools and education and that you will become a dues-paying member in the following years.

For physicians in countries that have a Gross National Income (GNI) per capita of less than $5,000, PHA is offering free membership renewals on a yearly basis.

PHA is using data provided by the World Bank to define these countries. As new data are released, we will update our list of qualifying countries.


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