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PH Professional Network Mentor Program

The PH Professional Network (PHPN) Mentor Program connects non-physician clinicians working with PH patients with a qualified peer who can provide professional mentorship. Mentees may be seeking general guidance and advice on PH-related treatment, care, and research, or seeking specific guidance on a particular topic pertaining to PH, such as PHCC Accreditation. The program is designed to enhance patient care and professional collaboration.

Mentors will be available to answer questions and provide individual support to mentees about a variety of subjects, including:

  • Clinical practice experiences
  • Nursing responsibilities in a PH center, including medication approval and monitoring
  • Research activities
  • Understanding the allied health professional role in a collaborative practice
  • Managing work-related stress
  • Defining their role as an active member of PHPN
  • Obtaining CCC or RCP Accreditation

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How the Program Works

Apply to be a Mentor or Mentee

To apply, all mentees and mentors must fill out an application and submit a photo and CV. Applicants must be PHPN members and meet the guidelines put forth by the Communications Committee. Mentor applications will be reviewed by the PHPN Communications Committee on a rolling basis. Recommended applicants will be presented to the PHPN Executive Committee for appointment as mentors. Mentees may request specific mentors after viewing mentor profiles and the Communications Committee will do their best to accommodate the request; if a specific mentor is not requested, the committee will determine the best available mentee-mentor match.

Connecting a Mentee with a Mentor

PHA staff will contact the mentor and mentee to set up a brief call to connect the pair and the Communications Committee Chair. On the call, the mentor and mentee will receive an overview of the program and discuss their preferred mode of communication. They can also schedule any regular communication, if needed. The mentee will then be free to contact the mentor as needed. The mentor will agree to be available to one mentee for a period of up to six months.

Documenting the Relationship

The mentee and mentor will be expected to fill out a brief evaluation form after one, three and six months. The evaluation will collect information about frequency of contact, the general experience and any issues that arise. The Communications Committee will review the data (with names removed) and share this information with PHA and the PHPN Executive Committee as needed to identify the challenges faced by new PH professionals as well as opportunities to improve the program.

Six Month Limit

PHA staff will contact each mentor-mentee pair after six months of a mentorship to evaluate the relationship. If the mentee wants to extend the mentorship, the mentor will have the option to continue the mentorship or end it. If the mentee would like to continue working with a mentor, they may request a new one. The six-month period is in place to make mentors available to future mentees. Mentors are not bound to a term length, and may resign from their position if professional or personal obligations interfere with their ability to carry out mentor responsibilities.


If you have any questions about the program or the status of your application, please email or call 301-565-3004 x761.