For Your Patients

Pulmonary hypertension patients and caregivers turn to you first. With free materials from PHA, it’s never been easier to provide the information and support they’re looking for. We can provide your patients and their family members with:

For Newly Diagnosed Patients

We offer an array of educational and support resources, but sometimes new patients and their family members need materials that are custom-designed for their special needs and questions.

  • Navigating Pulmonary Hypertension, PHA’s free information packet for newly diagnosed patients, provides a patient-friendly overview of pulmonary hypertension and a brief snapshot of everything that PHA has to offer.
  • Videos and webinars for new patients include a recording of “Newly Diagnosed: What You Need to Know,” as well as a series of short videos explaining PH, diagnosis, treatment, finding a PH doctor and finding support.

For All Patients


PHA offers ongoing education and information to patients and caregivers at every stage of their PH journeys.

  • PHA’s website is a comprehensive resource for all things related to PH and PHA.
  • PHA Classroom features free live online events and recordings on topics ranging from living with PH to insurance issues and everything in between.
  • Education programs across the country bring patients, family members and medical professionals together for education and networking.
  • Resources to help your patients and caregivers cope with the mental, emotional and social impacts of living with PH.


Many people living with PH find that connecting with other patients and caregivers provides much-needed encouragement and hope. PHA offers a range of support programs to meet the diverse needs of the PH community.

  • Local, Online and Telephone Support Groups offer encouragement to PH patients and caregivers. Use PHA’s website to help your patients locate the group nearest them, or refer patients who can’t get to face-to-face meetings to PHA’s online communities and telephone support groups. Special email groups are available for young adults, patients with associated diseases, patients considering transplant, caregivers and parents.
  • The Patient-to-Patient Support Line (800-748-7274) is a toll-free line answered by a group of volunteer patients who are available to anyone who needs someone to talk to about PH.
  • PH Email Mentors provide one-on-one, email-based support to patients and caregivers with questions about living with PH. Mentors are available to answer case-by-case questions or for ongoing support as needed.

Ways to Get Involved

PHA believes that every person whose life has been touched by PH has the right to fight back as much or as little as their health and interest allow. We offer a variety of programs for your patients to do just that.

  • Advocacy programs offer tools and resources to help people affected by PH communicate with their Members of Congress about why legislation that positively impacts the lives of PH patients is so important.
  • Awareness programs help patients, caregivers and medical professionals educate their communities and share their stories with the media.
  • Fundraising programs offer community members the chance to raise awareness while supporting research and a wide range of patient services.
  • Volunteer opportunities of all shapes and sizes allow community members looking to offer their time and talents to give back.