SLC Research Committee

Mission Statement and Charge

The Research Committee of the Scientific Leadership Counsel was created to support PHA in its mission to advance PH research in the field for both patient and professional populations. In order to grow the research opportunities, information and resources available to these communities, the Research Committee is charged with supporting the following activities:

  1. The Research Committee will facilitate knowledge of research, including basic and clinical studies, and their findings to patient and professional communities through PHA’s communication channels, including Pathlight, Advances in Pulmonary Hypertension, the PHA Online University, and PHA Classroom.
  2. The Research Committee will actively reach out to relevant agencies to initiate and strengthen relationships so that there will be opportunities for collaboration to enhance research funds and resources sharing.
  3. The Research Committee will advance the goals of the PHA to become a funding body for new research initiatives.
  4. The Research Committee will encourage the development of new PH research and researchers through mentorship by established research leaders in the field who will recruit and lead newer researchers.

The Research Committee will commence periodically to discuss progress, evaluate goals and plan.