Medicare coverage for telehealth services will continue at least through mid-October because of the continued public health emergency.

Medicare also will cover more types of health care services offered via telehealth, and the telehealth services will be available no matter where recipients live. Medicare lifted restrictions on the number of covered telehealth appointments, among other changes.

In contrast, telehealth coverage through Medicaid varies by state. Coverage varies by plan for private and marketplace insurance.

No matter what kind of insurance you have, call the customer service number on your insurance card for information about telehealth options and out-of-pocket expenses.

The Pulmonary Hypertension Association (PHA) is proud to be the leading advocate for increased access to medically appropriate telehealth services for people with pulmonary hypertension (PH).

To contact PHA’s Treatment Access Program or learn more about PHA’s advocacy during the pandemic and beyond, email us , or call 301-565-3004 x749.