Find a Caregiver Mentor

As a PH caregiver, you’re the first person your loved one turns to for help, but sometimes you need help, too! Caregiver mentors can direct you to resources and provide support and advice so you don’t have to do it all on your own.

Our email mentors are volunteer patients and caregivers. If you ever have any questions or concerns about anything you experience please contact us at

Browse the lists below to choose the PH Email Mentor right for you.

Annie – Caregiver to her sibling
Bill Bill – Parent of his young-adult daughter with PH
Evan Evan – Caregiver to her adult son with PH
Leah Leah – Caregiver to her parent with PH
Mitzi Mitzi – Caregiver to her teen-aged daughter with PH
Jane Jane – Caregiver to her young-adult daughter with PH
Taylor Taylor – Bereaved caregiver of a parent with PH
Joni Joni – Spouse of an adult with PH
Rayna Rayna – Parent of her teen-aged son with CTEPH
Nicky Nicky – Caregiver to her sibling