Joining the Community


To register for the community click the “Register” link on the login/home page. Once you are on the registration page enter the required information (usually name, email, password) in the form as well as information that can help PHA better understand your needs and interests. You will have the option to conceal information that you provide from other myPHA users. PHA will not share your information with any other parties. Click “I accept the terms and conditions” box and then select “save” or “register”. You will receive a confirmation email at the email address you registered with. Click on the link in the email to confirm your registration. Once your account is confirmed you will be granted access into the community.

Logging In

To log in to the community enter the email address that you created the account with along with the password you created and select “login” on the myPHA login/home page or in the footer of the PHA website. You can select “Remember my Email” (not recommended for public computers) to remember your account email address. If you forgot your password you can reset it by clicking “Lost Password” which will send a new password to your account email address.

User Dashboard – My Home

When you login you will be redirected to your dashboard. There you will have a menu bar with links to your profile, groups, forums, messages, settings and friends. You will also be able to log out on this page. The myPHA dashboard also features the latest news from PHANews as well as a listing of events and recent topics.

Creating a User Profile Photo

The user profile photo is the main image that represents you and is associated with all your activity within the community. To change profile photo visit your profile page. Here you can change your profile photo and cover image.

Viewing Groups

The ‘Groups’ area gives you a quick way to access the groups that you are already a member of. It shows the title, image and total number of group members for each group.

Viewing Your Friends

The ‘Friends’ area lets you see your friends and provides a link to visit their profiles. It also shows you the total number of friends that you have.


General Settings

Visit the General Settings tab to update your password.

Email Notifications

The Email tab allows you to control your notifications.

Profile Visibility

The Profile Visibility tab allows you to control what profile information people are able to see. You can select “everyone,” “only me,” “all members” and “my friends.”

Managing Your Friends

The Friends pages allows you to view, remove and accept friends from the community. If you have any pending friend requests you can select one of the following options: “Accept” to add them as a friend, “Decline” to not add them in the Requests tab.


Participating in Forums

Topic discussions are open to the entire community to create, comment and read online discussions relating to the community. Forum Categories can only be created by community administrators.

Creating a New Topic or Post

To create a new post click the category title and then click the forum post topic that you would like to participate in. You can also create a new topic by clicking ‘Create a New Post’. Once you have selected go to the bottom of the page and enter your comment. To see your comment before it is public, select “Preview”. Once you To post your comment select “Submit” and your post will display in the category selected.

Searching for Content and Other Users

Profile Based Search

Profile based search is an easy way to find other people with the same interests or experience in the community. To use profile based search all you need to do is click on the keyword in the profile information of the user’s profile you are viewing. This will search the platform for all users with the same information and return a list of those users in the search results. You can then view their profiles and add new friends by sending them a friend request.

Basic Keyword Search

To search quickly using a keyword or phrase type the keyword, name, or topic you are looking for in top right search box located in the site header or navigation area. You can select a specific area to search in from drop-down box to the left of search field. When you are ready click “Submit” and you will be returned a list of all content items an users relevant to your search terms.


If you have additional questions, please contact