PHA On the Road Kansas City

PHA on the Road Registration

Kansas City, Kan.

Online registration for PHA on the Road in Kansas City, Kan. on Saturday, Oct. 12, 2019, is CLOSED. You can still register onsite at the event starting at 8:30 a.m.

Call: 301-565-3004 ext. 744 to register by phone or for questions you may have regarding On the Road Kansas City

Photography Consent
By registering for a 2019 PHA on the Road, I authorize the Pulmonary Hypertension Association (“PHA”), and its employees, agents, representatives, volunteers and assigns to photograph, audiotape, and/or videotape (collectively “photographs”) me, as well as any companions/family members who are registered with me, throughout PHA on the Road.  I also authorize PHA to use these photographs for whatever purpose, including advertising, promotional materials and membership materials such as newsletters and information on the PHA website.  I understand that I have not been promised, nor will I receive any monetary compensation for the use of my picture in said photographs.  I agree to indemnify and hold PHA harmless for any claims as a result of the use of said photographs. I also understand that I may decline to be photographed by either providing my declination to PHA in writing via an email to or onsite at PHA on the Road registration. If I inform PHA as instructed, I will be provided a name badge identifying my desire to not be photographed.

Conducting Business and Distribution of Materials at PHA on the Road
No firm or organization will be permitted to solicit business, reserve space to conduct business nor share information or distribute materials about their business or organization within any space contracted by PHA during PHA on the Road without the express written permission of PHA. The placement of signage or distribution or sale of any printed materials, advertisements, promotional materials, souvenirs or other items which are not expressly approved by PHA is prohibited and such materials will be removed from PHA on the Road facilities. PHA reserves the right to deny any organization or individual a designated space to exhibit, authorization to promote their products, authorization to host meetings or any other requests that do not fit in with the spirit or intention of PHA on the Road. No manner of attracting attention which distracts from PHA on the Road, its attendees or space will be permitted. Failure to abide by these conditions may result, at the discretion of PHA, in the removal from PHA on the Road of persons involved without compensation to attendees, and such persons may forfeit the right to attend future PHA events.



This is a program of the PHA Connects Fund.