Patient and Family Services

Attending a PHA on the Road forum is an exciting educational opportunity not to be missed. PHA provides a number of patient services during the event to help you manage your disease while you are away from home. Please consult with your physician about your travel plans.

PHA’s Tips for Traveling with PH

Information for Patients Attending PHA on the Road:

  • Please follow the motto, “Always be over prepared.”
  • You are responsible for bringing all medications and supplies (including oxygen) you will need during the forum. Oxygen may be stored at the Patient Rest Stop.
  • If you require a refrigerator for medication and you are staying overnight at the hotel, you may request a refrigerator for your room.
  • Ice packs will be available throughout the day for your use upon request from a PHA staff member.
  • Patients who are on oxygen must make their own arrangements before arriving at the forum.

Kids’ Room

PHA will provide complimentary childcare in the Kids’ Room for children and teens (patients and family members 3-17 years of age; no diapers please) who accompany their parents to PHA on the Road. Fun activities will be provided in the Kids’ Room. There is no charge for the Kids’ Room, but PHA on the Road registration and Kids’ Room reservations are required.

To register your children for the PHA on the Road Kids’ Room, please provide information on your registration form about each child in your family who plans to attend the forum.

For questions about the Kids’ Room, contact gro.noitaicossAHP@sgniteeM or 301-565-3004 x811.



This is a program of the PHA Connects Fund.