Find the Right Summer Camp for Your Child with Pulmonary Hypertension

Selecting the right summer camp for kids and young adults with pulmonary hypertension is important. Many types of camps offer ways to create memories and meet new friends. Carefully planning for camp will help prepare you and your child for their new adventure and a great camp experience.

How to Ensure Your Child Has a Great Experience

Make sure the camp can accommodate a child with special needs. Some camps cater to kids and young adults with heart and lung conditions, while others are for kids with chronic illnesses. Ask whether the camp has:

  • Activities your child can participate in with the other campers.
  • Accommodates dietary needs.
  • Staff who are trained to support campers with medical conditions.
  • Resource to help the camper feel supported, have fun and fit in with other campers.

See our Summer Camp Checklist for a list of other questions you should ask.

Make sure you know your child’s physical abilities. Ask about their interests and what they want to get out of summer camp. Look for camps that offer activities that interest your child and they would feel comfortable participating in. Does your child prefer day or overnight camp? Here are few considerations to ask prospective camps:

  • How are campers supervised during activities, especially physical activities?
  • How does the camp prioritize campers’ health and safety.
  • Does the camp have a physician and/or registered nurse(s) on site?
  • Are camp counselors trained to handle medical situations and/or emergencies?
  • Can staff administer and facilitate medication storage.
  • Is the camp accredited with the American Camp Association? The non-profit accrediting organization focuses on physical and emotional safety of campers and staff. The organization’s camp-finder tool can help you discover the ideal camp for your child.

Start your search early so you don’t miss the deadline registration. Ask other parents or your child’s care team for recommendations. Find other parents through PHA support groups for referrals and other helpful information.

Find a summer camp by region

PHA doesn’t endorse specific camps. This list isn’t comprehensive.

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