Summer Camp Checklist

As you explore your child’s summer camp options, make sure you do your research. Use these questions to help you find a camp you trust will provide a healthy, safe and fun environment.

Questions for Summer Camps

  • Is the camp accredited by the American Camp Association?
  • Does the camp provide special dietary meals?  
  • Are parents allowed to attend camp with their child?
  • Are parents allowed to send a caregiver to with their child?
  • What activities are available? Does the camp provide a wide variety of activities for campers to try?
  • How does the camp accommodate campers with physical limitations? Are activities geared to campers’ abilities?
  • How does the camp encourage children to participate in activities?
  • How does the camp create a supportive and fun atmosphere?
  • Does the camp offer field trips? If yes, what type of transportation does it provide? How will campers be supervised? What is the ratio of guidance counselors to campers on trips?
  • Is there a full-time medical staff on site?
  • How are camp counselors trained to handle medical emergencies?
  • What is the camp’s protocol to handle medical situations? How and when are parents alerted to medical situations? Ask about situation that range from minor to critical.
  • How far is the closest hospital?
  • How will the camp store medications?
  • Is there a medical professional to administer medications?

Questions for Health Insurance Providers

  • Is your child’s medical coverage portable?
  • What will your plan cover if your child needs medical care during camp?